Another Fucking Token

This is Just Another Fucking Token. All tokens were created and sent to the supply curve; the only purpose for this token, if any, is to create Another Fucking Community driven by Another Fucking Fair start.
If you feel like it, you're welcome to Fucking join and collaborate....

If you'd like to collaborate feel free to create a pull request to extend this site.

Community discord
Community Telegram (maybe more active)

This is the same project as previous AFT token. To exchange original AFT tokens (1:1000) go to new AFT contract and execute Swap function:
contract: 0x126b2b0aa3d7ef32b634044c40526048e5977aba
Make sure to approve the new contract for transfers in the old contract.
Approve --> Spender (new AFT contract "0x126b2b0aa3d7ef32b634044c40526048e5977aba"), amount --> -1 (this is max)

Check DexTools
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